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  • 1. The fundamentals of tax risk;
  • 2. How to identify, measure and manage tax risk;
  • 3. How to profile business environment for tax purposes; and
  • 4. Consequences of non–compliance with tax laws

1. Overview of Tax Risks – Transactional risk, operational risk, compliance risk and financial accounting risk;

2. Techniques for managing tax risks – Rigorous tax control environment – e.g. have tax returns filed on time and regular independent review of tax operations. Also, update relevant tax policies for example, tax payment policy;

3. Tax Obligations

  • Registrations – VAT registration
  • Disclosure

4. Tax queries and red flags

  • Failure to keep adequate records
  • Tax deductions - WHT
  • Failure to make payment
  • Failure to file tax returns

5. Tax compliance and effective Internal Control system

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