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  • 1. Describe Treaties and Conventions as it relates to nations;
  • 2. Discuss various Tax Treaties and Conventions between Nations;
  • 3. The effect of Tax Treaties and Conventions on the Nations;
  • 4. Understand the U.N. and OECD Model; and
  • 5. Nigeria Model: Avoidance of double taxation agreement
  • 1. Background to treaties;
  • 2. Different types of treaties and Conventions;
  • 3. Identify different taxes involves in the treaties;
  • 4. The reasons behind the agreements between Countries;
  • 5. The Taxing powers of the nations under the agreements and conventions;
  • 6. The tax implications of the agreements on the countries;
  • 7. Status of DTA in Nigeria;
  • 8. The process of Double Taxation Agreements and exit process of DTA; and
  • 9. Advantages and Disadvantages Double Taxation agreements

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