The Institute's policy on the accreditation and assessment of seminars/workshops organized by other organizations, District Societies etc. is as follows:

  • A sum of N100,000 as registration fee for organizations other than FIRS and State Boards of Internal Revenue Service;
  • Contact Hours (Total number of lecture delivering hours)
  • A sum of N200,000 as registration fee for FIRS and State Boards that may wish to explore this opportunity;
  • All organisations having their training programmes outside Lagos would be made to be responsible for the expenses of the Committee member(s) (Maximum of two members) that would attend to evaluate such training.
  • Course programme, reflecting the duration of each paper
  • Seminar papers should be forwarded three weeks before date of seminar for evaluation
  • Evidence of original attendance of members through attendance sheets signed by participants
  • Resume of resource persons
  • Theme of the programme /course outline/topics
  • Target Audience
  • Expected number of participants;
  • Date and venue of the programme ; and
  • Name of course coordinator

All requests for local and international accreditation must comply with the above criteria for the purpose of assessment before credit hours can be allocated to such seminars or workshops

The Institute opens its arms of fellowship to Firms, Corporate and Government entities to collaborate on Trainings, Seminars and Workshop programmes subject to the terms herewith outlined below:

  • i. The Institute shall grant the use of its name and logo on materials required for approved workshop/seminar only,
  • ii. The Institute's marketing activities shall be restricted to approval for the use of its name and logo; advertisement on the CITN yahoo group and the Institute’s web portal. Where any officer of the Institute is requested to deliver keynote address and/or declare a workshop/seminar open or close, participate in meetings (determined on its merit) with targeted participants whether individual or corporate organizations, the associated cost of making the officer available shall be defrayed by the other party,
  • iii. Opinion(s) expressed or positions taken by any facilitator or group of facilitators or participants/discussants shall NOT be ascribed to The Institute. The Institute shall therefore not be liable for breach of contract with any third party or any action or inactions resulting from the organisation's activities,
  • iv. The Institute's share of proceed shall be 10% of gross revenue subject to a minimum of N50,000.00 (FiGy Thousand Naira) only while all the costs would be borne by your good selves,
  • v. The requesting party shall be responsible for all other logistics including remuneration of facilitators,
  • vi. CITN will provide seasoned resource persons for all the topics, and
  • vii. CITN shall award 15 credit hours to its members that are in attendance at the Workshop/Seminar.

The Institute shall collaborate with other professional bodies on the terms listed below:

  • 1. The parties shall collaborate to jointly organize seminars/workshops periodically on date(s) to be agreed on by the Parties.
  • 2. The projected Income and expenditure for the seminar shall be prepared and approved by the Parties before the take-off of the Seminar.
  • 3. The sources of income shall be through contributions by the Parties, sponsorship and participation fees.
  • 4. The Parties shall fix the Seminar participation fee.
  • 5. All revenues and expenditures relating to the Seminar shall be shared equally among the parties on a 50/50 basis.
  • 6. All expenditures towards the seminar shall be agreed upon before they are incurred.
  • 7. All revenues whether in cash or cheques in relation to the Seminar shall be received and receipted through The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria for proper reconciliation.
  • 8. In the event of a net loss or surplus from the Seminar, same shall be shared equally on a 50/50 basis.
  • 9. The Parties shall act reasonably and with utmost good faith towards ensuring the success of the Seminar.
  • 10. All issues outside the aforestated relating to Seminars/Workshops shall be agreed upon by the parties before they can be implemented.

This programme is designed to train members of the Institute in some Organizations who by virtue of their duties and positions cannot attend the structured MPTP

Requirements For In - House Training – Programme

Organization's responsibility:

  • 1. The organisation will propose four topics as required
  • 2. The organisation is at liberty to propose four suitable Facilitators of its choice. This will, however, be subject to the Institute's review with respect to the topics to be presented and agreed to by the Organisation.
  • 3. The organisation will be responsible for venue and entertainment of participants, organizers and paper presenters.
  • 4. Date for the training will be agreed by both parties

CITN responsibility:

  • 1. CITN bears the cost for Facilitators
  • 2. CITN will issue materials, certificate and allocate credit hours to participants who are members of the Institute.
  • 3. Duration for the training is two days
  • 4. Fee is N25,000 for each member of the Institute and N35,000 for non-members.
  • 5. The required number of participants per training is 40